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Leta Greene

Leta Greene by Emily London PortraitsAs a trucker’s daughter, Leta, a.k.a. Mrs. HOTNESS™, has learned the ins and outs of the beauty industry from the outside in! A flannel-clad member of the setup crew for her dad’s mobile-home-moving company, Leta Greene was raised in what she calls two extremes: truck stops and Provo, Utah. Not exactly spots that belched up beauty tips. So how did a shy tomboy with her share of scars become a confident beauty expert? Here’s a clue: it didn’t involve a traditional makeover, or even much makeup! She discovered the secret to lasting beauty—and it worked despite all the scars and truck stops.

She speaks on more than just beauty, however: she talks about life in a way that makes you laugh your heart out! After just a few minutes you’ll realize she communicates far more than words. Leta has been featured on major local TV and radio stations and also co-hosts an international radio program as a beauty, self-image, and mind-set expert. Leta has been through numerous trials in her life, many of which are detailed in her book and her speaking content. More than just a speaker on beauty and image, she speaks on life. How to deal with tragedy, change, and making commitments to one’s self through goal setting that works! She also has mastered an amazing ability to stay positive and choose happiness despite life’s trials and tragedies.

Fluent in Sign language, Leta communicates with more than just words, so be prepared to be enlightened, motivated, entertained and overcome: most don’t leave a speech without both crying and laughing.

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