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Kristy Jo Hunt

Kristy Jo is a Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist. After overcoming nearly 20 years of disordered eating and thinking, feeling horrible about herself and her body, Kristy put herself through an incredible transformation. That led her to start a Facebook page and blog called Body Buddies, which began growing quickly as people began listening to her strategies on eating, exercise, and mental discipline. For two years, she built her business while working a full-time job in finance, then finally took the leap and went full-time to help masses of people become healthier and has never been happier.
She is the author of The Power Foods Lifestyle, Power Foods for Two, and three volumes of recipes that help people re-program their entire emotional and spiritual lives using nutrition and fitness as the mechanism. She has coached over 1,500 people over the past four years and worked with everyone under the sun struggling with everything from eating disorders, childhood obesity, and pregnancy nutrition to muscle development, chronic pain management, and menopause-induced weight gain. Kristy Jo is a podcast host, speaker, blogger and is very active on social media to spread her message of hope and healing.

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