Snowy Peaks Presents: Women are That They May Have Joy

Women are that they might have joy

It's time to to rediscover your happiest self.


Dear Customers and Fans,

We want to thank everyone who has supported and planned on attending “Women are that They Might Have Joy” on March 11 at the Salt Palace. We have been hard at work planning and preparing a wonderful conference that would be uplifting to LDS Women and Teens.

However, you may have heard recently that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a sponsor for The Utah Coalition Against Pornography Conference, which is also March 11 and at the Salt Palace. As many of our team members heard the announcement in our Priesthood and Relief Society Meetings last Sunday, we felt strongly that we wanted to support the Church as they promote this event to stand against pornography. For this reason, we have made the difficult decision to cancel our March event.

We will be refunding money for all ticket sales and book sales on Friday, February 17, 2017. Please notify us at if you have not seen the money returned to your bank account by Friday, February 24. We hope that you and your friends will be able to attend The Utah Coalition Against Pornography Conference on March 11 instead.

We’d also like to announce that we are hosting another event for women and teens this Summer. Details will be made available here and our Facebook and Instagram pages in the next two weeks. We have a lot of plans already in place to make it our best yet. We hope to see you there.


Kirk Edwards

Media Director

Snowy Peaks Media.

A perfect event for moms and their teenage daughters to attend. Pick your own breakout sessions that you can attend together or break off into your own classes. This day of pampering, music and inspiration is not to be missed!

We know that Adam fell that man might be, and [wo]men are that they might have joy. 

So where does this “joy” part come in?

Seven powerful presenters have each faced real heartache and loss, but each has made a choice—happiness and self-worth followed. Come learn applicable tools on how to create joy, and connect with professional speakers who will uplift and inspire you on this journey to joy.


Join us for a spectacular Keynote by Nadia Khristean, and two fantastic breakout sessions aimed at women and teens!

Opening Keynote

Nadia Khristean | Women Are That They Might Have Joy

Viral singer/songwriter Nadia Khristean believes in creating “music for a cause.” She has recorded several music videos and launched many programs to beneift various causes, including the familes of fallen soldiers, inner beauty, anti-bullying, and down syndrome awareness to name just a few. 

Nadia was honored by the Utah National Compact Organization and “Where Much is Given” foundation for her work in the programs.

Nadia served a mission in Lima, Peru, where she did many flash mob performances on buses and pianos in parks. She is currently studying at BYU. 

Breakout Speakers Schedule (Choose Your Topic)

Jodi Orgill Brown | To Be or Not To Be Eve: Embracing the Birthrights of Womanhood

“You can be anything you want to be,” as long as you realize the world will fight against you no matter what you choose. The world’s mixed messages of womanhood, feminism, success and happiness can make it difficult to discover and embrace the blessings gifted by the Lord. 

Leta Greene (aka Hotness) | Stopping the Cycle of Shame

As a professional makeup artist, Leta Greene learned about the ins and outs of the beauty industry from the outside in. As a trucker’s daughter, Leta Greene was raised in what she calls two extremes: truck stops and Provo, Utah. Leta will be tackling a tough subject of assault and abuse.

Greg Thorpe | Finding Your Testimony Before the Storms Come

Greg has been a popular EFY speaker for many years and is the founder of Just a Break, and organization dedicated to bettering the lives of cancer patients. He loves the youth and feels most at home around them. Greg has the remarkable ability to be able to get youth to think deeply about their personal beliefs and testimonies.

Jenny Layton, The Happy Gal | Organize Your Home, Organize Your Life

As a professional motivational speaker, Jenny teaches in a way that empowers women to live life on purpose, organized so that you can take back control of your health, your food, your habits, and your home.Jenny is the founder of The Happy Gal blog and resources.

Kristy Jo Hunt, Body Buddies | Strengthen Your Mindset to Power Through Resistance

After four years of being an entrepreneur, and after coaching hundreds of people, Kristy Jo has learned a lot about failing your way to success.

Rhyll Croshaw, SA Lifeline | Encouraging A Spouse’s Addiction Recovery

Rhyll faced the devastating reality of her husband’s pornography and sexual addiction and still found a way to choose joy and find happiness in her marriage.

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Why "Women Are That They Might Have Joy"?

We have gone the extra mile to help you have a memorable, life-changing experience.

More than just warm-fuzzies

Practical advice for women by women that you can take home and apply in your family and in your life

Interaction and Action

Opportunity to ask questions and get personal advice from the presenters.

The Extra Mile

Registration includes a VIP gift bag for first 100 attendees.

Choose your path

Breakout sessions make sure you hear the topics you want to the most!


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum age requirement to enter the event?

This event is open to all women and teen girls, age 12 and older.

What is the dress code?

We ask that attendees dress modestly.

Will lunch be provided?

There will be a lunch hour with food close by. Attendees are responsible for providing their own food.


Feel free to contact us! We will answer EVERY question.